Q: How do I get to Bolduc's Showroom?
A: Follow these easy directions from Google Maps

Q: How much is the set up for screen printed shirts?
A: The cost depends on the number of colors in the design, screens are $25 per color per side, so a shirt with a one-color front and two color back would require three screens or $75.00. These are reusable on a reorder, so you only pay for the screens one time.

Q: How about embroidery? Doesn’t that cost a lot more?
A: Embroidery set ups come in two versions. A simple design with lettering only can be set up in your choice of a few different typefaces for $25.00. If you would like to add a picture or a very stylized version of your unique logo, the cost will range from $65-150. The embroidery "tape charge" refers to the old days when paper tapes were run through a tape reader to program the sewing needle pattern required. Tape charges are based on the number of stitches in the design, so a full back design would be more expensive than a small left chest logo.

Q: How long will it take to complete my order?
A: Most orders are completed within three weeks. However, if you have a special event or situation that requires a tighter deadline, we can usually accommodate your rush order without additional charges. Just ask, we are always happy to help you.

Q: I have a small company, it's just me and my assistant. How many shirts do I need to order?
A: Bolduc's minimum order is one dozen, however you can mix different styles and colors within that number if all are going to have the same design. For example, many small companies will order 6 Tee shirts, 2 golf shirts, 2 sweatshirts and 2 longsleeve shirts, to get a total of 12 pieces.

Q: I would like to order mugs, pens and a giveaway item for my trade show using the same logo as the tee shirts. Can you help me with this?
A: Bolduc's provides a full line of thousands of promotional items such as keychains, coffee mugs, yard signs, pens, pencils and any other item you may have seen with a logo. If you would like us to send you ideas, just email us and let us know the price range and the quantity. Sometimes we can come up with new ideas you might not have thought of. Browse for products here

Q: Can I view my new tee shirt design before it is printed?
A: Absolutely! Every Bolduc's customer receives a full artwork rendering of the design by email, showing the shirt color, artwork measurements, and options on different choices you can select. All we need is your email address.

Q: My logo has a dark color in it, and I would like to get black tee shirts. Can this be done?
A: Printing on dark shirts is more difficult than on white, however we can use a white underlay and print the other colors over this. So for green ink to show up on a dark colored tee, a white underlay is needed. The total number of color would be two: white and green. Sometimes a design with many colors is best printed on a light shirt so that the underlay is not necessary.

Q: I have some employees who wear very large sizes. Can you get shirts to fit them?
A: Our catalog provides you with a complete selection of shirts sized from toddlers to 4XL. We can also provide you with outerwear, tee shirts, woven and golf shirts in sizes up to 6XL. In addition, we have sources for Tall sizes and a complete line of shirts that are made and sized especially for women. View our complete catalogs by clicking the link below. .